St. Christopher Day School is an innovative Christian-based K-8 program where we place each child at the center of everything we do.

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Our goal is to create an environment for each child to reach their full potential, explore their talents and develop skills, mindsets, and dispositions to become independent life-long learners and agile thinkers capable of engaging fully in the global community. 

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Faith Gremillion

Faith Gremillion is a hands-on professional with over three decades of experience in education. Known as a natural leader with high expectations, enthusiasm, and a courageous mindset, Faith has an established vision for academic success and is well versed in researched based strategies which support teachers and ensure students’ successes! She is an unstoppable visionary who treasures relationships, measures progress, and loves children! That love has been the cornerstone of her 31+ year career in education. Faith has a BA in Elementary Education, M.Ed. of Curriculum & Instruction, M.Ed. of Educational Leadership (Admin/Superv.) and 30+ hours of extended study. A lifelong learner from Ouachita Parish School System, “I am thrilled to be on the ground floor of St. Christopher Day School, the best is yet to come!”


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